Design Services

A great home designer, not only has an eye for function and space, but is also well rounded in all aspects of construction. With Paul’s extensive experience in designing, framing and building custom homes in West Vancouver, he has developed and polished an outlook on design that is uniquely his. The following are some of the design and construction services Paul offers:

Qualify Land Purchasing

One of the first decisions that must be made is , “where to build our dream home?” Of course, there are a lot of consideration involved in such an important decision. After all, your new home may be one of your most cherished investments. To help maximize the potential of your investment Paul Butler Designs offers a land purchase qualifying service.

Many considerations must be taken into account, from access to views and sunshine, to topography and overall lot size. Each of these factors has ann impact on the home that can be built on any lot.

This service takes all of these factors into account and help to focus on the truly great investments.

Floor Plans

The floor plan is one of the foundational pieces of home design which must be determined before the structure and style of the house can be drawn. Paul Butler Design takes pride in creating a space that fits both the wants and the needs of the client, while ensuring the space has a pleasant flow and abundant natural light.

Exterior Design

Each property has its own shape and orientation, which plays a big part in the exterior design. Each home should look like it was designed to fit the specific property. Natural stone and a balanced wood component always make for a pleasing exterior.

After meeting with the client and listening to their preferences, I design the exterior with the use of materials more indicative of the West Coast.

Interior Design

Interior design is one of the most enjoyable aspects of home design. This is a chance for all the family members to get involved and ensure their living spaces truly reflect their personalities. Each room touches on a specific image that a family member envisions and the secret is to make those images work together and maintain a congruent flow while keeping the home in a calm welcoming state.

You can have a nice overall physical house design, but it is important to always give just as much attention to the interior as the exterior.

Landscape Design

The landscaping is an integral part of the house design and should never be ignored. Landscape features integrated with the house can increase the esthetic of the overall design. Landscaping can create privacy, sound protection, areas to relax and areas to play.

Overall Project Development

Paul Butler Design offers a full-service package taking your dream home from lot selection, through to design and general contractor choice, to interior material finishes and landscape design.

With a focus on stakeholder communication, scheduling and budgeting, Paul Butler Design ensures that your custom home build runs smoothly from start to finish.